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Monday, 5 December 2011

Running Man Intertainment


Thanks to God,I`ve breathing until today ..

Straight to the point, HAVE YOU WATCH RUNNING MAN? 

seriously, it was very exciting show.

Its exlain about a tricks game which consist by artist, model and someone who`s popular.

from left,
LeeGwangSoo (model) he`s a poor man~but sometimes he`s intelligent..
Kim Jong Kook (singer) known as Commander and he`s very dangerous !
Yoo Jae Suk (actor) "he`s perfect excet his face" said Ji Suk Jin.
Song Ji Hyo (actor) really pretty woman and Kang Gary`s girlfriend ^^
Song JoongKi (actor,model,kpop) cute boy and he`s not being together wif other runningman since ep40.
Ji Suk Jin (actor) ,I dont know how to describe him..
Ha Dong Hoon (actor) He`s a funny man and really like to talk loudly
 Kang Gary (actor,singer) has a small eyes and loves Ji Hyo 

You can watch Running Man ep 1-50 HERE and other, please find as your own .hehehe ..
Why not? Google was rich,right ??

and you can like running man on your facebook ^^

I doesn`t like KOrean too much, but I like Korean because of them and this show.
I really like noona Ji Hyo !


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